Se aleja el suelo

Music Video for Magic Inn. Editing from some 70’s and 80’s advertising videos.

Zombi Anarchy


Written & directed by: Álex Orma
Music video for Brutuss64
4 min

A group of punks ride the city on BMX bikes. An acid trip full of zombies, beer and pizza.
Music video done for the French group Brutuss64.




Zombi Anarchy – Brutuss64



Written & directed by: Álex Orma
Produced by: Microteatro por dinero
Theatre play

Pura is a self-made woman. She lives surrounded by memories and junk, she eats what she grows, she collects welfare from the state, she hates the misfits of her neighbourhood and she’s still touched by old Copla songs. Pura doesn’t accept lessons from nobody.

Supervivientes was played during March 2016 by the actresses Isabel Ampudia and Matilde Gimeno at Microteatro por dinero, a little theatre in the heart of Madrid.





Written & directed by: Álex Orma
Produced by: El Inquilino Producciones
13 min

Álvar and Jimena are two brothers who live isolated from the world in a lost valley. Their routine is broken the day they save the life of a stranger in the woods. They offer her something to eat and a place to sleep but the mysterious girl seems to hide something. At least that’s what they think.


Martinica by Alex Orma